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Jillian: Class of 2015 ~ Connecticut Senior Photography

Jillian is one of my 2015 Senior reps, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect young woman to represent Bethany Darin Photography. Jillian is a junior at Kaynor Technical High School in Waterbury, Connecticut, and she is all set to graduate next June.  It's no surprise that Jillian decided to attend Kaynor.  The school offers some pretty cool courses to get students prepare for their future careers.  Jillian is studying to be a hairdresser, and I have to say, she's going to do some amazing things.  I've seen this girl in action as she styled hair for a bridal party last summer.  Gorgeous work!  This National Honor Society inductee is smart and savvy, and is going to be majoring in business when she gets to college.  Watch out world.  I know Jillian is going to be so, amazingly successful when she achieves her goal of owning her own business, and I think she'll be styling some pretty important people in just a few years.  I am so proud of this girl and the goals she has for herself.  Her positive attitude is inspiring and just plain awesome. I asked, "Who inspires you, Jillian?"  She told me this:  "Luke Bryan.  His story of the way he got through his life's struggles inspires me."  I didn't know the story of this country singer - the death of his older brother caused him to cancel his move to Nashville; he tragically lost his older sister only a few years later.  His family, specifically his father, encouraged him and pushed him to follow his dream, and he finally did make his move to Nashville where he found stardom.  The story of an artist struggling with loss, putting a dream on hold, but pulling through it all and ending up wildly successful.  It's an amazing story and one that can teach us a lesson in perseverance.  Thanks, Jillian, because I'm feeling pretty inspired by his story, too. Finally (and because I am such a bookworm and am always looking for recommendations) I had to know if Jillian had ever read a book that was so amazing that she felt kind of sad when it was finished?  And, indeed, she had.  Her recommendation is Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks, which she says is suspenseful and realistic.  Interestingly, this book has been on my to-read shelf for awhile now.  I'm going to have to make it my next read. If you are interested in booking your senior session, be sure to mention Jillian's name for a discounted session fee.  (It will help Jillian earn some stuff, too!)  Contact me today to schedule your session!  Click here to contact me on Facebook. Class of 2016, interested in learning more about becoming a Senior Rep?  Click here!

(Bethany Darin Photography ~ Connecticut Senior Photography)

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