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Elizabeth Park ~ West Hartford

I have to admit it.  I get the worst spring fever every year.  Starting sometime in mid-March, I start daydreaming about warm weather, green trees and blooming flowers.  This year was no exception.  The temperatures reached the high 40's and it hit me full force.  Rather than sit around in a sulky, impatient state, I opted to take some action and scout out some locations that would eventially become springtime Edens.  And, boy, did I find a great one!  I had known about Elizabeth Park.  In fact, it was where my own engagement session took place a few years ago.  I had not been back since, but I knew it would be a place worth revisiting with my own camera.  And so I took a trip to West Hartford to reaquaint myself with the place.  With my two kiddos in tow, we took a walk around.  We fawned over the beautiful blooms that were being grown in the greenhouse.  We checked out the stone bridges and duck ponds.  We strolled through the archways and gazebos in the (then bare) rose gardens.  My minds eye was eagerly envisioning some amazing things, and I vowed to return when the weather turned a bit more spring-like.  A couple of weeks later, we returned to find a flurry of volunteers working to prune, plant, mow and basically turn the park into a mecca for all things spring.  You can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to photograph some families at the park last week.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the park.  The roses are not yet in bloom, as you can see.  They tell me the rose gardens will be in their full rosiness in mid-June.  You can bet I will be there to check them out! IMG_2292-2web


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Pretty cool, right?


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